10 Creative modern office paint ideas to spice up the company workspace

10 Creative modern office paint ideas to spice up the company workspace

Creating a cheerful, and productive working environment which encourage employees to excel is what every boss wants which is why it is essential to pick the perfect office paint layout. The workspace needs to be a dynamic, modern and professional space that contributes to the ability to think and enhances the creative abilities of employees. A suitable layout and arrangement of furniture together with the appropriate colour mixing will increase the aesthetics and modernity of the office. Hence why it is vital to choose the perfect compliment of paint for your office style.

1. The old-style offices are usually not large but the ceiling is very high so it is easy to make people feel empty. Therefore, the walls should be replaced with light tone colours along with dark colours for the floor. For example, the black-and-white combination for the office must be considered as a contrast, but it has a dramatic effect on dispelling gloomy feeling and providing a comfortable, modern working space for employees.

2. The new type offices are large but with low walls and are generally too over crowded. Narrow space makes staff annoyed and easier to get stressed. For a modern office, grey and darker colors should be avoided because it adds to the gloomy feeling. Green or light blue walls are well suited to soothe the spirits during stressful working hours. It is essential to play around with vibrant colors here to lift the general mood of the office.

3. Glass is the “saviour” for a small space. The use of office partitions such as wood walls, glass walls and fence walls can save the maximum space and create a more spacious feeling than real space. Select a glass partition, you can easily divide the different rooms and make the most of the area at the same time. Though it is not a paint, the usage of glass and the clever compliment of vibrant colors in combination of glass will bring out the best in any boring office.

4. Though again not a painting style, a well-lit office is no doubt the most ideal for working space. Rooms lacking natural light often feel cold and gloomy leading to employees to feel stressed and cramped. But if your office, unfortunately, falls in this worse case scenario and there is nothing to you can do to diffuse the situation, it is best not to use cold colours. Use red brick or orange colour instead to increase the feeling of bright and warmth simulating the sunlight from outside. Plenty of artificial lighting will also be a gift here.

5. The walls should not utilise strong reflective colours to avoid eyestrain and lost of concentration when working. Use dark colours to enhance focusing ability at work. Avoid using yellow at workspace because it can cause drowsiness and turn dirty relatively quickly.

6. Lavender + Whitening Cream is a color palette that helps to ease tension and fatigue at work, and inspires new ideas. This method of painting is suitable for use in companies where creativity is an everyday requirement.

7. Wall art can increase interest in the workplace through images, especially messages that represent the corporate brand. Through cool and interesting designs you could highlight the company culture at the same time as lifting your employee’s mood. The use of stencils can leverage complex designs with low cost on both time and money as well.

8. To inspire creativity and loyalty, working rooms, meeting rooms and support areas should use the main paint colors of the company’s logo. Because it will remind employees of the purpose and meaning of the business and also maintain the attitude of employees.

9. You can decorate your office with a few paintings but do not overdo it, hanging too many pictures will make the office more crowded and confusing. Instead of traditional paintings, what about a graffiti? Or some stencil art?

10. You can use blue tone combined with green to give your office a fresh, youthful feel that stimulates the brain’s ability to work. In addition, you can also add extra white milk and dark blue helping to highlight the office and stimulating employees to create more creative ideas.